Saving lives in wild and remote places since 1971

To request Mountain Rescue: Dial 999, ask for the Police, then Mountain Rescue



Saving lives in wild and remote places since 1971

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Kinder Mountain Rescue Team (KMRT) has been in existence since 1971, and is one of seven mountain rescue teams that operate within the Peak District National Park, as part of the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation (PDMRO).

Our 50 members operate on an purely voluntary basis and are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist members of the public on the hill or in urban search and rescue situations.

We are almost exclusively funded by public donations, and all proceeds from fund raising go towards equipment and resources used on our call outs.

20: Callout – Sat 6 Apr 2024

We were called to assist two young men who were in difficulty on Kinder Scout. Due to poor telephone reception from the casualty site there was very limited information available from the original 999 call. We were unable to contact the casualty party on their phone. We had a starting point for their trip (with limited confidence that this was correct), at Carr Meadow on the Hayfield to Glossop Road and a 90 minute travel time, but no information about their current location. We understood that the casualties were uninjured but had been caught out by storm Kathleen whilst wild camping.

Three Kinder parties set off in stormy conditions on corridor searches up likely routes towards Kinder Scout. Just as we were about to call for assistance from other MR teams and search dogs, we were able to find an alternative phone number which had better reception We were able to speak briefly with them and get a location from their phone. This allowed us to go straight to their location, where we found the casualties uninjured. We were able to walk them off to our vehicles and drive them to base. After warming, tea & biscuits we drove them back to their car in Edale.

The two young men were reasonably well equipped, but underestimated the impact of storm Kathleen on the top of Kinder Scout. They were very apologetic to us. They had made an honest mistake and will learn from it in what we hope will be a lifetime of enjoying the mountains safely. Kinder MRT rescue anybody in difficulties on the hill, without judgement.

Kinder Mountain Rescue Team is staffed by volunteers who give their time free of charge and is funded entirely by public donations.

  • Time: 22:00
  • Type: Mountain Incident
  • Location: Ashop Head, Kinder Scout
  • Team members: 20
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Volunteer hours: 80
  • Total hours: 1530

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