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Saving lives in wild and remote places since 1971

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Kinder Mountain Rescue Team (KMRT) has been in existence since 1971, and is one of seven mountain rescue teams that operate within the Peak District National Park, as part of the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation (PDMRO).

Our 50 members operate on an purely voluntary basis and are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist members of the public on the hill or in urban search and rescue situations.

We are almost exclusively funded by public donations, and all proceeds from fund raising go towards equipment and resources used on our call outs.

18: Callout – Fri 29 March 2024

We were asked by Derbyshire police to assist walkers in difficulties around Crowden Head on Kinder Scout. Initial information suggested two people, an adult informant and their mother. Mother was reported as suffering from hypothermia and breathing difficulties.

We used our standard hypothermia rescue plan: Kinder 1 hill party direct to casualty site to locate, evaluate and treat, Kinder 2 direct to site to help Kinder 1, Kinder 3 & 4 to bring the stretcher package (stretcher, wheel, rope, straps, large sleeping bag). Because of the information about breathing difficulties and the age of the casualty we asked the coastguard for helicopter support.

Kinder 1 arrived at the casualty site to find a party of 5: three generations from age 15 to grandma. Four were cold but well. Grandma was hypothermic, did have some breathing difficulties and a knee injury making it impossible for her to walk off from the middle of Kinder plateau. A 2-3 hour stretcher across the moorland would not have helped her condition. After warming, all five casualties plus two KMRT medics were airlifted by the coastguard helicopter to Hayfield. Grandma was met by an East Midlands Ambulance Service land ambulance and senior paramedic car. After assessment, warming, hot drinks and biscuits at base, all casualties were discharged and were able to drive home.

Once again, thank you to Hayfield Football Club for use of their pitch as a landing site. We appreciate that there were a couple of helicopter wheel divots left, but it makes a huge difference to our casualties being able to land in the village.

Kinder Mountain Rescue Team is staffed by volunteers who give their time free of charge and is funded entirely by public donations.

  • Time: 18:30
  • Type: Mountain Incident
  • Location: Crowden Head area, Kinder Scout
  • Team members: 24 plus Coastguard S92 helicopter from Caernarfon
  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Volunteer hours: 108
  • Total hours: 1351

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